Ground-Up ADU

There are lots of good reasons to build an ADU on your property if you are a homeowner.

Ground-Up ADU or New Construction ADU

Both terms are often referred to when an ADU arises from a new construction detached or attached to the primary residence.
This type of ADU is exciting for those properties with free space since the government allows to build up to 1200 square feet and, in some cases, up to 2000. It is an excellent way to raise the property’s price considering a possible future sale. The buyer has the attractiveness that can obtain an income through the ADU rental that, in most cases, can cover the mortgage price.
It is not possible to sell this new construction separately from the house except in some particular cases. It is known that the government is working on reviewing the laws to evaluate whether allowing it would be convenient to face the problem of the housing crisis.

County Standard ADU Building Plans

There are currently available pre-approved 1200, 1000, 800, and 600 Sqft ADU building plans by North San Diego County, which facilitates and speeds up the times for obtaining construction permits and reduces individual costs associated with the presentation of all the necessary papers before starting construction.

The advantage of the County Standard ADU Building Plans

The County reviews plans to the most recently adopted California Building Code, County of San Diego Amended Building Code, the San Diego Zoning Ordinance, and General Plan. Staying current with all of these requirements can be challenging. There are portions of each referenced code that can be left to interpretation.

Do You Need More Information About ADUs?

Choose the type of ADU that best suits your property


The best option if you are looking for an environment for each member of the house. With this arrangement, it would be possible for a typical family composed of a couple with two children to have their private room.


Sometimes families tend to be smaller. In that case, this option prioritized larger spaces and the possibility of having an outdoor living room with a pergola.


Although spacious rooms are well valued, there are families in which the need to have more than one bathroom prevails. In that case, this option is ideal, especially since the main bedroom has its private bathroom.

1000 SQFT – 1 BEDROOM, 1.5 BATH

For a couple with active social life, it is an ideal option. It has a private bathroom in the bedroom and a toilet for visitors or when the other member uses the private bathroom. The spacious and open environments are also remarkable.


A good option when there is not enough space to build, but the division of environments is prioritized so that the room is closed. For a couple, this is vital to have those moments of privacy.


The modest but no less attractive option. It allows you to save on construction due to its reduced dimensions and be a good option for a single person who values open spaces without sacrificing comfort.

Have you Decided?

To expedite the process, we have pre-estimates for each of the options of the county’s plans pre-approved.
In this way, REMOCA offers interested parties a first approximation of the cost of construction is. The final estimate will be provided after deciding the quality of finishes, materials, openings, and everything out of the standards that the owner wishes.

You can also ask us for our finals pre-estimates. We apply all our experience to acquire quality at the best price to maximize profitability.

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