Discover ADUs

Ground-Up or Garage Conversion, we provide you everything you need to make it happen

What is an ADU?.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a single legal residential unit added to a lot with an existing or proposed home. The unit can be realized through ground-up construction, a garage conversion, an addition to the garage, an addition to the primary residence, or a conversion of part of the existing residence.

Why Now?

The State of California updated the standard for Accessory Dwelling Units in January of 2017 and again in 2020. The new law allows more flexibility for the construction of ADUs on single-family and Multifamily properties


The State is encouraging homeowners and developers to utilize ADUs as a smart-growth plan to provide more housing. Across the State, there is a shortage of housing, mostly affordable units. ADUs provide a flexible opportunity to offer existing homeowners with added income and more affordable housing for renters.

What are the benefits of building an ADU?

Some of the benefits of building an ADU includes:

  1. Having your family closer to home: A granny flat