Feb 23, 2021 | Tips

How to Sell Your House in 2021

Feb 23, 2021 | Tips

How to Sell Your House in 2021

If you have already decided to sell your house, whatever your reason, we have prepared a complete guide on the steps to follow and what to expect from the housing market in 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives, so we also affected how we buy and sell homes.
Due to the pandemic, mortgage rates are historically low, which is something that buyers want to take advantage of, so it is to be expected that the buying season will advance from the end of spring to the end of January, for which it has already begun. If you’ve already decided to sell, then you should hurry up and prepare your home. Since buyers want move-in-ready homes, they don’t want to worry about having contractors in and out of their new homes during a pandemic.
This Step-by-Step Guide will help you sell successfully.

1) Hire a home inspector


Although that is the buyer’s responsibility once the offer is accepted, by contracting one in advance, you will be able to know what things need to be repaired in the house before reaching that point and have them resolved before entering into negotiations.

Also, if repairs are necessary, they can take weeks, making the buyer lose interest.
Knowing the status of your property will help you even more during the negotiation phase as buyers often use your home inspection as a way to obtain concessions from sellers, such as asking you to lower the listing price.

2) Make repairs and minor improvements to your home.


Understand What Today’s Home Buyers Are Looking ForAn example might be having a home office. If you don’t have a designated office space, organize a spare bedroom or additional room as a home office. Another highly sought-after thing is luxury kitchens. You could update your kitchen with new appliances and quartz or granite countertops.

Upgrade your outdoor space
One way to make your home stand out is to improve your house’s entrance and thus have a lawn that competes for the most beautiful on the block. Simple things like trimming hedges and a freshly cut lawn will go a long way. Plant new flowers to enhance your garden. If you think it may be overwhelming, consider hiring a landscaping professional to assist you.

Light up your home
Darkness can make a home feel unappealing, dirty, and cramped even when it isn’t. Consider painting the walls and ceilings white to make your home look fresh and bright. Replace light bulbs and add additional light sources for a finishing touch.

3) Order and prepare your house to sell


Cleaning and organizing your house is essential. Consider renting storage units to store the excess of things in your home so that at the time of showing it, there is as little as possible and that it is the buyers who imagine that they will place. Removing the photos is also crucial since buyers will be able to view the place that feels best.


4) Find a real estate agent.

Finding a great real estate agent can be challenging. Search for references and read reviews online to get to know the real estate agent of your choice. Find someone who represents your interests well. Make sure you know the following from your real estate agent:
How many clients have you served this year?
Has a customer ever filed a complaint against you?
What is your rate?
What services do you offer beyond negotiations and escrow?
You and your agent should be on the same page at all times and have an action plan to help ensure this.

5) How to price your home to sell


You can start by searching online and using online appraisers. To help you get an idea of ​​the value of your home. But, you should never look at just one number. Market conditions change all the time, and so does buyer behavior.

Another option is to perform an appraisal through licensed professionals who will assess your home’s value based on the condition of your property and the general conditions of the real estate market. They will look at the size of your property, the interior and exterior conditions of your home, any improvements, additions, or improvements you have made to the house, and then calculate your home’s value based on local market conditions. This is something that The buyer will also have to do to obtain approval for his mortgage credit. If you have your property appraised in advance, you will know precisely what your home will be worth.
Searching for houses for sale or recently sold in your area can also be of great help, as long as the houses are of similar characteristics.

6) Prepare your home to sell


Start with the following

Clear Clutter: You should focus on cleaning up the clutter on countertops and tables. Put away newspapers, mail, or magazines, or if you have children, help them pick up their toys.

Deep clean your house: The bathroom or kitchen cannot be dirty. Clean windows, remove stains from bathroom glass, remove floor stains that no buyer wants to see.

Add white accents: White accents create a welcome, clean feeling.

Organize furniture: The key is to limit the number of furniture in a room. Then arrange them so that they are attractive to the people who enter the room.

Bring the light: It is good to remove the curtains so that the light enters in abundance in your home.

Highlight Your Floors: If you have rugs, remove them. If your floors are made of wood, see to polish them so that they stand out.

Organize all cabinets and drawers: Buyers are likely to inspect out of curiosity, remove things you don’t want them to see, or are in excess.

Dust: remove the dust from those places that you know are there, but since they are not visible or you get used to it, you do not clean it, such as fans, countertops, etc.

7) Get professional photos of your home


Today more than ever, seeing houses online before visiting them in people has become common. See to contact professional photographers so you can scan your home for a 3D tour, take aerial shots, and above all to obtain high-quality images of your home to sell.


8) List your house to sell

Your real estate agent will list your home online. Also, spread the word through your family and friends. Share your listing on social media and send emails asking people to share your listing with others.


9) have a plan in case your house doesn’t sell fast enough

While an average home takes a month and a half to sell, it doesn’t always happen. There are many factors at play, and depending on the condition of the real estate market in your area, your real estate agent may have to use other strategies in his arsenal to sell your home. Plan the next steps in case you do not receive an offer.

10) Negotiate the sale price of your home


It is known that each home is different. Still, at the same time, the type of market that occurs at that time also influences, when it is a market where there are many houses on offer, buyers will have a slight advantage, the opposite will happen when it is a market where find few houses on sale and many buyers looking. Your real estate agent is the right person to help you with that.


11) Sign and close


Once the price is agreed with the buyers, all inspections and appraisals on your home have been completed, and you are now ready to sign the documents and close. Due to the pandemic situation, it can be found with completely electronic closures called hatches. There is nothing left but congratulations, you have sold your house!

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