Jan 25, 2021 | Last News, Trending

Kitchen Trends 2021

Jan 25, 2021 | Last News, Trending

Kitchen Trends 2021

We spoke to our partner trend experts to determine which kitchen trends will be the main thing in 2021.

Renovating the kitchen not only allows you to be fashionable but is also a way to revitalize the house. The kitchen is one of the busiest places and where more time is spent.

Here’s a look at the hottest new styles for kitchens in 2021.



Marble with many veins is making a significant return to the world of design and has become synonymous with high-end luxury. Its durability and ability to resist passing trends make it a good investment.

Marbles with naturally strong veining add value and create a textural contract between other polished surfaces, metals, and woods. Besides in the kitchen, using marble allows to create an elegant bathroom, an eye-catching sink, or a kitchen island.

Wood Finishes


Out of fashion for a while, wood is now enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Use subtle grain ash, paler than oak or walnut, to bring out the artificial stone’s warm tones.
The warmth that natural wood gives combined with other noble materials such as concrete is something to keep in mind when looking to renew a kitchen’s energy.

Color Pops


It’s time to break the rules with unexpected paint and color combinations. Kitchens are bursting with color opportunities, from appliances and flooring to curtains and cabinets.

One of the easiest and least expensive options is to paint a wall that can be easily updated if you get tired of it. Choosing a color is such a personal experience.

Whether it’s on the walls or in the fixtures, color in a kitchen should last for at least five years, minimum, so try looking beyond the immediate trends and pick a color that will keep you feeling good in the long run.

Double Islands


With the shift to more extensive, open-space kitchens, the kitchen island has become an essential kitchen feature. A couple of island units have become the latest luxury job, an expansive addition when space isn’t an issue.
In case the space is not enough, you can evaluate the possibility of replacing the table by using the area to reform your kitchen and place a double island.

Handleless Design


The latest contemporary designs are all about free-flowing, multitasking design. Technological advancements in push-and-close doors mean that it has become possible to dispense with handles on wall and base cabinets. Suppose you prefer not to have snap-open cabinets. In that case, recessed handles provide the same elegant look. They can be clad in contrasting colors and materials to add interest.

Handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest trends for 2021 for a slimmer, more streamlined look. It’s all about simplicity and a focus on the details of the cabinets.



Having a pantry makes perfect sense. All the food products are in one place and not scattered in numerous wall cabinets, which means people can be more organized when shopping for food.

Also, a pantry and its storage capacity are that a kitchen no longer needs to be full of cupboards. Free up entire walls to set free or have an attractive piece of art in the kitchen, making it feel less like a kitchen and, instead of a more relaxed atmosphere, perfect for open-plan living areas.

Gold Finishes


Now that faucets are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, sinks follow too. Aesthetics have impacted wet areas just as it has on furniture and appliance design, with color, shape, size, and material heavily influenced by the overall look of the room.

Sinks have risen the ladder of importance in kitchen design. The models are introduced to meet customer demands for a sink that, in addition to being purely functional, also makes a definitive style statement.

Appliances in Drawers

As we become more interested in our kitchens’ ergonomics, these innovative appliances will become more popular.

They provide a variety of functions that make life easier. The need to bend down is significantly reduced and is as easy to open as a standard drawer.

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