Nov 23, 2020 | ADU´s

350 Square-foot Studio in 24 Hours.

Nov 23, 2020 | ADU´s

350 Square-foot Studio in 24 Hours.

Something that seemed to be impossible now could be a reality. Mighty Buildings, a company operating from California, has developed a patented 3D printing technology and material that will allow you to build a 350-square-foot home in approximately 24 hours.


They developed a synthetic substance called Light Stone Material that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. It has the characteristic of being strong enough to support its weight when printing horizontal lines, simplifying printing a solid structure. Offering the possibility of working on different designs regarding the structure shortly; for the moment, the one is chosen as attractive. A sample of what the material is capable of is the curved wall’s design.

When shaping the exterior wall surfaces, Mighty can choose the structure they want and choose the finish; they can imitate existing textures to resemble reality or create new and unique patterns. Also, since the entire process occurs in a closed environment, it is possible to reuse all the dust generated in the other operations involved in the unit’s assembly that is not made by 3D printing and uses it in future impressions.

Inside, the walls have a structural pattern lined with foam, improving heat retention in a much higher way than the achieved now with typical wooden walls with foam or fiberglass insulation. It is crucial when it comes to meeting rigorous environmental standards, especially in California.

Currently, Mighty 3D prints the curved wall in their units, projecting 2021 to do so with the rear wall and the roof, thus managing to cover 80% of the structure. Although they require installation, the Mighty Mod structures are shipped complete with windows and connections to link to on-site utilities. The larger Mighty House products, also projected for 2021, are sent as panels and require assembly at the destination.

Another solution to help with the housing crisis.

Since its inception, Mighty has worked closely with various zoning and environmental regulatory agencies to ensure its units are produced to rigorous standards. You can’t just place a small house on any available land like this, especially in California. Mighty buildings can be intended to exist in the backyard of the leading home or as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) as a supplement to a single-family home.

In California, several of these units have been delivered. There is currently a list to sign up to purchase your own. There are six different configurations to choose from, the most basic being the 350-foot studio priced at around $ 100,000 or a three-bedroom, two-bath unit priced at nearly $ 300,000. They estimate that as production increases and the process becomes more efficient, prices could become lower.

Mighty plans are to continue its focus on reducing the work required to make a manufactured home. In this way, they expected to help address California’s affordable housing deficit, requiring more than 3.5 million homes by 2025 to meet the demand. With a reduction of up to 95% in labor needed to build their manufactured homes. It would be possible to free up those contractors to be made elsewhere and thus increase the number of homes required.

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