Feb 1, 2021 | Bathroom Remodeling, Tips

Must Know Before Start a Bathroom Remodeling

Feb 1, 2021 | Bathroom Remodeling, Tips

Must Know Before Start a Bathroom Remodeling

A little initial knowledge on the part of homeowners goes a long way in smoothing out the construction process. Three things that all clients should be clear about in a bathroom project that saves time and money.

1. Minimalism is (almost) never cheap


It should be noted that “clean and elegant lines” is not a cheap look to achieve. To achieve a stunning minimalist look, the details in the construction must be perfect. Typically the simplest-looking spaces are the most expensive due to the immense detail and meticulous planning required.
One thing to consider in this style is that not placing handles on the cabinets requires expensive opening mechanisms. To have no stone seams means buying oversized slabs and having a skilled stonemason on hand to match the ends to perfection. If it is desired that there are no grout lines, large tiles that require two people to lay must be laid, doubling the cost of labor.

2. A good tiler is essential


Doing things yourself is not always less expensive. The mistakes made due to not having the experience or the right tools translate into having to buy more materials to do the job. Planning the mosaic and the mosaic itself are forms of art. A crooked tile or uneven grout does not go unnoticed.
A tiler that plans the space, tile by tile, ensures that the placement of cuts and grout lines is perfect, is worth its weight in gold.
A good tiler will work faster than you might expect, and you will be able to use epoxy grout correctly, giving you a superior, more durable finish than you would get with regular cement-based grout. They will also be able to disguise an uneven wall or unsightly edge to some extent.

Tile and grout are your first defense against water damage. Lower tiles put the entire room and subfloor at risk. Get away from the mosaics and call an expert.

3. The best is not always the most expensive!


There are some tips for when you can’t buy the best for every bathroom item. You can save a lot of money by making practical and inexpensive design decisions like the ones detailed below.

Swapping out handles for oversized ones can add a touch of drama and interest to a simple bathroom. Hanging a large lamp if you have high ceilings will give your bathroom an incredible personality.
A widespread trick is to take a design resource and repeat it several times. For example, round tiles can be laid together with a round basin and rounded taps. Add to this a round mirror and towels with a circular pattern. The repetition of a theme will give the space a cohesive and thoughtful feel where every design decision is deliberate.
It will be easier to make purchases to decorate without falling into acquiring elements just because you like them and do not combine with the rest of the bathroom by following a design pattern.

And remember that a faucet is a faucet. Before you spend thousands on it just because they are from Italian brands, something basic will be fine. It is better if you spend that money on custom cabinets, smart drawers that adapt to your needs, or hidden container are things that are worth placing.

Must Consider!


The renovation of a quality bathroom can take at least four weeks, it is normal for people to be surprised with these deadlines, but it is the reality.

When you do not have an additional bathroom to use during the main bathroom’s renovation, excellent planning should be done. One option is to rent a portable toilet or shower from a reputable builder; you could also join a nearby gym or consider renting elsewhere for a month while the work is done. Neither of these is ideal, but if you’re going to build a bathroom to last, that month of inconvenience will quickly be forgotten when you walk into your beautiful new space.

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