Jan 28, 2021 | Tips

7 Ways to Style a Gray Sofa in Your Home

Jan 28, 2021 | Tips

7 Ways to Style a Gray Sofa in Your Home

Some people say that a gray sofa is boring or unoriginal. However, it is an ever popular trend.
A gray sofa has more decorating potential than any other piece of furniture in your home. A gray sofa is like a blank canvas with an infinite number of possible decoration combinations.

Gray sofas are an excellent option as they adapt to any design style. They pair well with all kinds of color schemes, are timeless, and are easy to keep clean.



A gray sofa should start with a layer of high-gloss pillows and another layer of pillows with more matte fabric.

High-gloss pillows would be a good idea to match colors that can be seen elsewhere in the room. A center pillow can double as a focal point.



The blankets can be easily changed as the seasons and trends change. This allows us to make unexpected combinations. Always choose a color or material that contrasts with the fabric of your sofa.

Coffee Table


It is crucial to consider the shape and contour of your furniture. If you have a square sofa, consider a table with a bit of a curve.

And if you have a small space to work, glass-top coffee tables will help avoid visually bulky alternatives.



To keep your sofa from looking cluttered, corner everything along with some baskets.



Art is an integral part of any living room. Make sure your accessories reference the colors of your artwork.